Mike Patke President

ChairBoundless is a FREE “hands on” program, that is designed to reach the individual with limited mobility, and show how to achieve “Freedom through Mobility”.

Immediate results will be noticed from the very first session. The first thing we address is situational and spacial awareness. Using Filipino escrima sticks, swinging them side to side, rotating the body to increase the blood flow to the internal organs.

Adding simple patterns help with “eye-hand” coordination, and timing. Striking a focus pad will add to strength and cardio endurance. Parring up with a coach or other students will help build a rapport with training partners.
Our goal in ChairBoundless Self Defense is to help raise the individual’s self esteem, by setting personal and achievable goals that every individual can clearly recognize themselves. Thus having the confidence to say “I can do this.”

Embracing Bruce Lee’s concept of “Having No Limitations as your Only Limitation”

Instructors interested in teaching this program and adding Chair Bound to Boundless, to your school, please send me a message Thank You. Mike Patke 951-333-9149

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